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Kish! Drops a refreshing surprise banger in ‘Kishin’s Revenge’

The grime scene has always been a fountain of talent for young artists from the 2000s and it looks like nothing has changed for the 2020s. A bag of young MCs are constantly showing up on keep hush and Pyro Radio, and putting their own spin on grime, attempting to do explore their own sounds and do the originals justice.

Kish! is leader of the 237 collective, and one of those MCs. while his music might not stick to the traditional rules of grime, or necessarily fit in the 140pm box, he instead delivers something fun, inspired and authentic. his tunes with Deema (formerly of The Square) might have more of a grime energy, but his latest drop, 'Kishin’s Revenge' definitely leans more into trappier sounds while still keeping the upbeat, youthful energy.

The beat is composed of a simple but catchy piano chord loop, supported by some bouncy and headbobbing 808s. It’s very minimal but it sounds clean, and the definition of ‘less is more’. If you could compare the Finch Fetti production to anything it would be an old Carti beat, or something Jay Critch might rap over. This is really some nice production with plenty of replay value.

As for Kish’s bars – he’s on top form here. The song is about Kish trying to win a girl over; a topic he touches nicely with clever bars like ‘my loves like Gotye somebody I used to know’.

His performance on the track is a perfect balance between punchlines, flows and catchy hooks. Kish shows a real instinct for keeping things interesting on the song. He switches things up from laidback to high energy on the regular, only adding to the quality of the tune. The cool, confident energy Kish delivers from the verses to the hooks is infectious; if you play this once you’ll have it on repeat for sure.

There’s no video for this one at the minute but it would be nice to see some visuals to match the chill vibe of the tune. However, you can check out the rest of the synonymous Kishin’s Revenge EP on streaming services now.


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