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Kish fantastic drops video for "President" ahead of his project "The Fantastic Preservation Society"

Kish alongside paradoujin has been a strong force within the UK underground scene, and they're only getting bigger.

Kish! is known for discussing a variety of topics on genres that usually would not be scene as compatible, but that's what makes him such an amazing artist. Kish loves to play with genres and his beat selection reflects that. Kabuto beats gives you a merge of lo-fi sounds on a drill tempo creating such a unique atmosphere.

Kish! is a big ball of fun and the music video shows that having artistic creativity is more important to him than presenting himself as "cool", "hard" or "Fashionable". If anything, that's what the UK underground is about, prioritizing the creativity of an artist over capturing mainstream trends or maintaining a public image that appeals to the masses.

Stream Fantastic Preservation society here:

Check out our editors full album review on his YouTube Channel:


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