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Knucks drops visuals for "Thames " ahead of project "London Class"

Knucks wow'd us all with the track "home" and his debut project NRG105 last year in 2019.This year, Knucks follows up his previous single "Fxcked up" with Sam Wise, and drops visuals for "thames " from forthcoming project "London Class".

The visuals certainly exudes class with the swanky outfit sported by knucks as well as the retro drop top Mercedes he's in. Knucks is well known for his interesting and unconventional music videos, even though they still retain elements of what you are used to, they are mixed in with elements that give it a whole different spin.

the beat Co produced by Dot Inc constantly throws surprises at you. Oh here's a 8 bar violin melody?, oh, they switched it out of and added a guitar layer in there? the vocal sample along with the saxophone that chimes in and out of the melody shows the beautiful production they're capable of and it really keeps you on your toes and engrossed in the track.

Knucks is still great at hooks and this is definitely one you can sing along too and still has the charisma to deliver brag rap lyrics so effortlessly. That whole first verse and the lyric "Let me calm you down like a 35" just oozes confidence.

The track list for "London Class" looks very promising too with features from Kadiata, Sam Wise and Loyle Carner, you definitely should hit this link and pre-order it right now:


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