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KO (98s) returns with experimental UK drill tune "Tables Turn"

KO returns from long hiatus with new drill tune “Tables Turn”. The best at drill punchlines and wordplay is back to make his stamp in drill in 2021. KO has been active, featuring in the 28s collective tape and spitting verses in the groundworks cypher. But his first solo single has KO proving he can do it all on his own. Tables turn drops with a quality video directed by Neron power and produced by Jemel Richards.

As expected, KOs bars and delivery are second to none. He continues to prove he is the undisputed king of wordplay and punchlines; his flow stays smooth as he rides the beat effortlessly. Surprisingly KO steps out of his comfort zone with this new track and does something new, singing melodies effortlessly on a drill beat. For his first time singing, KO is effortless in the way he does it. Skilled in rap and hooks – KO proves he can do it all. With lyrical content about `tables turning` KO raps about finally getting what is his and how patience finally pays off. Lyrics such as “look how they saying we up next” has KO proving to the UK rap world that he will blow up, and get what's his. With a music video that has KO playing an ageing grandpa, this song perfectly shows KOs patience as one of the most underrated in the UK drill scene.

After spending months working on collaborations, features and cyphers, KO is finally upping his work rate with solo tracks. Tables turn is a hit that has KO singing and delivering verses that prove he's one of the most underrated in drill!


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