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This estate agent that puts your favorite rapper to shame

Since "Renting", Kwayorclinch has been "Interesting" just like his trademark adlib. We featured this track on our Reload it playlist and for good reason.

This hook makes this track good in a party setting, catchy yet simple and easy to sing along to. I would love this to see get radio play as well so who ever kway's manager is has some work to do.

Kway doesn't get lazy with the verses though like many artists hits tend to be. the verses shows some intricate lyricism such as "kwayorclinch is a name and question". Anyone can spam the word "like" and end up with 30 similes on a track, but as Kway shows there is more to wordplay than just that.

The flows on the second verse are actually disgusting, the way he skips across the beat so elegantly makes it only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves.


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