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Kwengface will have you craving Twix

kwengface has been one of uk drill's most versatile performers.

a mc who can drop a memorable hook, catchy flow and a killer verse all in one song.

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Track art for Kwengface Twix

with twix, kweng continues to prove he can create the most catchy singles that are filled with crud and street talk wordplay.

from the hook alone, the double meanings are slick and memorable with that narsty flow.

"Got two sticks in the ride like Twix Kit kats ringing my phone, won't leave me alone cah they need their fix He tried run, got tripped, pissed, ching-ching Lean out the ride and slap that wap, like ling-ling You ain't hearin' no ping-ping"

what kwengface does at a top tier level is flow and captivating one liners.

"Criss brownin' with a fat back, man attack that, let me chat to that suttin' I got fifteen rebs in my mouth, food got out so I'm phoning up hunnid"

already setting up the listener with the flow, but laid underneath are lyrics that are not overly complex, but when he fits it with his signature rhyme patterns. you can't help yourself trying to copy.

the instrumental by Sapphire Beats give kweng perfect space to flow and doesn't take away from the zone 2 members performance. easy on the ears but still intense to go with the aggressive subject matter.

that second verse though is some of the best i've heard from kwengface. mixing his flow with witty but savage wordplay.

"Everything's mad if I pop this dots If I blast this mash at your belly, it's messy, I'm really tryna crop that top"

he's known for going for the throat with his punchlines (check out his lightwork freestyle) then he continues

"In my hatchback swerving cops Tryna put a artist on the TV, BBC, no Top of the Pops You can get that ting in the morning, cereal ting, snap, crackle or pop"

these line are ps levels of crud with witty connotations that give you a screw face on first listen.

what has always stayed consistent with kwengface is his video presence. very effortless with his body language, but it suits his rhyming style. not as animated like other artist but says more with doing less.

i do wish the first verse was as dense with punchlines like the second but it's a solid release that leaves me wanting more.


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