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let's vibe continues the nice momentum for the vibbar collective.

vibbar are one of the most interesting act's/collectives in uk music right now.

giving their own take on mellow, chilled uk rap. with fantastic sampled based production with a wide range of mcs giving the group their own sound.

Skitz handles the songs hook and opening verse, showing his versatility he mixes between harmonies with sing song raps. then going towards his traditntal rap cadence and flow patterns.

jordy follows through with a auto tune vocals then attacks the beat with a clean quick fire flow. reminds me of the jay 1 from "your mrs" but drops slick punchlines over this mellow instrumental

this wasn't my favourite release from the group (i prefer bellerin or Sweden) but this is perfect for your chilled playlist when you want to kick back and enjoy the vibes.

poet, skitz, skribz, jordy and the whole vibbar collective are on to something. it's only a matter of time when they could be leading a new wave.

San Junipero EP OUT NOW

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