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Lewitownblue is one to watch with his single "gbh"

Hearing lewitownblue for the first time and this guy could be a problem.

Signed to independent label touch money music lewi has the presences of a confident veteran but the hunger of a up and comer

If more tracks have the same quality of "GBH" then 2020 could be a mvp calibre year.

From his crystal clear cadence and pronunciation of his words, you can hear his vocals cut through the instrumental,Which is also point and adds to his vocal performance.

His rhyme pattern fits perfectly with his flow that makes it sound effortless. Allowing him to drop slick punchlines that'll catch you off guard. Can't wait to hear him work with different producer's and see what comes next.

he sounds comfortable on traditional hard knocking beats, now i'll be looking to see how his catalogue takes shape.

will he have any singles for the ladies? the clubs? even radio? i believe he could do it all but i'm very interested to see how.

2020 will be interesting.


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