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Little Dee Drops the "Heritage EP" The only Grime project to drop on the 1st of Jan 2020

Rinse FM and Wiley championed #internationalgrimeday and it didn't quite go as planned, as when wiley said "everyone drop your project on the 1st" it seemed to fall upon of deaf ears.

However, that doesn't mean we got nothing as result, This Grime EP from Little Dee is wholesome and honest, with a mixture of different Grime sounds, topics and features to keep you engaged. This isn't about grime's heritage like complex's headline suggests, it's about Little Dee looking at his own heritage and past experience in retrospect, and using that to give his own take on life, grime and crime.

It has your conventional approach to grime in the form of "Native Grime" and "Late Nights", with the sort of instrumentals you would expect. Little Dee has that "Real Geezer" swagger to him that makes him stand out, but ultimately, it's Little Dee's self-awareness and character that makes this ep shine.

Native grime is the start of the self-reflection of his own life, and using that to make statements about the present. Explaining the nickname "One Night doug" was comical in of itself showing that there are some things he can look back at simply laugh at.

It's always nice to see a track with the OGz line up, and "Oh plz" is an 808 led grime tune that is more than it seems. Little Dee's verse is about a change lifestyle from when was in was young in his criminal element, to the honest hardworking man that he prides himself as.

Little Dee is essentially arguing that the current generation's struggles with the criminal lifestyle is nothing new, and they just inherited it from him, but he also feels it doesn't have to be that way which makes "Criminal Heritage" a hidden gem.

Its a solemn and honest track about how his hustler ambition led him to nothing to despair, and he despises those who advertise it without telling that truth. The story about the conversation with his little nephew rounds it out his point nicely, where he simply advocates that you can still dream big on the right side of the law.

The best part is that none of this comes with condescending or "preachy" tone, it's still has the bravado and swagger that Grime, OGZ and little Dee are known for. He puts his experiences into retrospect, and gives us something honest, entertaining, partially comically, but still grimey.

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