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little simz drop6 during the lockdown

On the 6 of May Drop 6 the new EP of Little Simz was released.

The project was written and recorded by Simz during the quarantine of these weeks,

And it is the first work released by the artist since her last album in the Gray Area last year, which earned a Mercury Price nomination.

Drop 6 shows Simz's continuous evolution in her role as one of the country's quickest MCs, also demonstrating her growth and maturity in the lyrics.

The tracks are filled with all the fast and fiery style of Simz like the singles of the past Venom and Wounds .

The opening piece Might Bang Might Not is a pure example, fierce rhymes over guitar beats, it’s a winner for sure.

Damn right puts together a couple of beat traps with a jagged guitar loop.

While the closure piece Where's my lighter uses layers of piano chewed with metronome drums, with a powerful bass.

In One Life Might Live we find the artist who reminds herself of how great and talented she is.

"This’ll be the realest story that I’ve ever told / This’ll be my best song, you can see my scars." His chorus and a whole thought of the good times to come: "I got one life and I might just live it".

You should call mum,is a moving piece, that highlights the whole project even better:

"Guess life forced me to calm down, get my mind right / Livin 'day by day, sleepless night by night / Bored out of my mind / How many naps can I take? / How many songs can I write? " Fortunately for us Simz opted to write instead of dozing off.

For all 13 minutes of duration - even if it does not reach the size of Gray Area - the work contains intriguing sketches and honest and sincere pieces, released spontaneously by the artist directly to the listeners as Simz presents them in her first track “This is for the now”.

Simz’s style is distinctive, her strength as a fast and quick MC with her unique original rhymes and hooks and well thought out turns of words is unique.

In this work the London rapper opens up by talking about how much the quarantine period has had a great influence on her personally and creatively, giving life to this very introspective work, adding it all up in one thought: the importance of freedom.

Little Simz has the ability to go deep into her vulnerability by making it become one of her best parts that transpire in her texts, making them unique. Each track has a different sound from the other, but there is a compactness and constant consistency in the bars and bassline. Little Simz has already confirmed herself a safe place in the maze of the greats of the Uk Rap, but with Drop 6 she has only reminded us that she’s here to stay.

Here some words from Simz to her fans:

Thank you for being the lights that you are. You're all needed, valued, appreciated, and loved. Not just by me of course and I am sure I can speak on behalf of everyone you hold dear in your lives close to you. This is a turbulent time but we don't fold. We don't come from that. We will always be fine."


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