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Lo-fi rap god Lord Apex drops "UK Shit" ahead of project "Supply and Demand"

Alternative rap in the UK is thriving with breathtaking artists like Lord Apex with his latest track "UK Shit" from his project upcoming"Supply and Demand".

Lord Apex catches us all off guard with the fast and furious flow he hits us with, after the calm and collected hook he opens the track with. The rhyming schemes are tight too, you get lost his word play through out. bars such as "Ideas in my note book I parker the pen" was a line that stood out to me personally.

V don is a gifted producer with the strings on the melody bringing intensity to the track along with the more boombap style bassline.

Elevated Mediation is really looking to take over the UK Underground, and the unity shown by them is nice with all of the members featuring in the video directed by Milo Blake. The use of noir gives the visuals a more gritty feel, where we someone dealing records as if they are selling contraband drugs.

Available to stream/download:


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