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Long Live Smoke Boyz

Smoke Boyz have been hard at work, Deepee and Swift spazzed on Kim Kardashian. Swift dropped a solo mixtape (Swiftionary) and Littlez dropped "Littuation" and don't Panic was a brilliant return to the scene and hopefully Sleeks' "Paper Cuts" will keep up the momentum.

mktheplug is one of the biggest names in uk drill.

being apart of the scenes standout singles and freestyles. Smoke Boys (formerly section boys) are one of the most influential acts in uk drill, having helped shape the blueprint.

so them coming together on "no deets" more than make sense.

The whole group have been on an underrated run this year, SLEEKS & SWIFT take centre stage and have styles that fit well to compliment each other.

both bring solid performances, especially swift's last verse with his wordplay and flow.

sleeks has a more sombre flow pitch that makes his ad-libs standout more. one of the most consistent members of the group, he rides the beat with ease handing it over to swift who delivers a brilliant punchline referencing uk road rap great johnny gunz aka john wayne.

Swift does what he does best on this drill beat supplied by MKtheplug, that staple flow that half the scene robbed from him comes into play.

This track is one for your driving playlist and Drill playlist, and I will sure be lobbying alex bacz to put this on the Reload it playlist.

I hope Smoke boys can come into 2020 and seize what is rightfully theirs, and return to heights they previously achieved.

The streets will never forget Lock arf, long live smoke boys.


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