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loose 1 x Kavelly tag team sounding mean

Shottaz is a movie that is a hidden gem and has become big part of London Culture and in the British-Caribbean community. It's gritty, covers a lifestyle that some people wish they lived, some people actually live, and others seek to get out of. either way, the movie is quite true to real life, whilst being theatrical in others, resulting this movie and the performances within it being so memorable, especially from the late louie rankin (RIP) who features in the film as the one and only Teddy Bruckshot.

so as a Jamaican, hearing Loose1 and Kavelly using this film as a theme for a drill song, and using my favorite scene as intro and a hook for the track, made me instantly respect this track. The music video slyly is recreating that exact scene in a modern setting, it's well executed all round.

So many drill rappers refer to Teddy Bruckshot without making a reference to the movie itself or paying homage to it, but loose1 does and it makes the track memorable.

Loose1 has become great and writing hooks, and in this case he's built a hook that directly relates to the theme of the track. "Tek the wha and left the wha?" is a line that everyone who has watched Shottas knows. Kavelly's verse doesn't make the same reference, but it definitely fits as his flow comes nicely with the beat from D Profit.

The beat from D Profit is sounding ever so mean using the haunting choir vocals as a melody over the bass line. It's good see he's still whipping up great beats since we worked with him on the "2 bunny" mixtape with skengdo and AM, as well the work on the title track "Drillers x Trappers".

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