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LOTM 8 contender Tommy B deserves your attention

Tommy B, that little menace from essex has come a long way from terrorizing inferior MCs on radar radio sets. He's thrived after being picked up by Major Muzik, and his potential shows in his latest track "Look Now"

Tommy B really is reminiscent of Devlin, with such a jagged flow that doesn't fit on the riddim in traditional ways. It's refreshing because it keeps your attention, especially when he switches tempos. The instrumental is broody, but the drum beat underneath isn't over powering, which helps Tommy B because it doesn't it force him to rap in any certain way.

He can even slide in a few punchlines in there, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Leicester city fans despite how they will be rapping along anyway.

Whilst this tune doesn't necessarily have as much hit potential as other releases, it shows is lyrical ability, makes a good statement about his rate of improvement and pads up his discography most importantly.

The youngester from Essex has alot of energy and fits the mould as a grime MC, it will interesting to see what gritty stories he could tell, as he has a good foundation to work from.


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