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LU's brand new single - Miami vice

London’s very own female artist, LU (real name Luchana Shaw) is back with an end of summer banger with the befitting title, Miami Vice. Based on a true story, this soulful track features LU’s melodic voice telling us a story about falling in love in Miami and how the fact that it is summer time can make that all very easy. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to having a summer fling or meeting someone whilst on holiday and how different that vibe is from meeting someone at any other time of the year. It’s fun, it’s exciting yet there is also this uncertainty of what could happen after summer is over.

LU got together with Nigerian producer Jay Blakez and writer/producer Playgirlfavy to create this chill, sensual R&B single. When asked about her inspiration for this single, LU answered “Since Bad Habits I’ve been in and out of sessions with different producers writing a variety of music styles. I’m young, travelling and testing out new sounds; this one was so relatable I just had to release it and I think with it being the end of summer now, many people will feel where I’m coming from”.

LU is no stranger to the music industry having previously worked with producer 28TH on several soulful collaborations. LU has also racked up more than 115,000 Sound

cloud plays with covers on popular records including Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home, The Internet’s Special Affair and many more. Her successful debut single, Bad Habits, was quick to grab the attention of huge music curators, national radio and worldwide music blogs such as TMRW MAG, Affinity Mag, Lost Culture and lots more.

LU, a BRIT school pop violinist graduate, has been travelling back and forth between London and New York on a journey to self-discovery with regards to her music, image, goals and beliefs. LU’s journey is far from over however she has recently returned to London with a new lease of life on one hand and a lust for creating genuine art on the other. LU at 21 years old is definitely a contender and one to watch out for on the UK music scene. I for one would love to see her incorporate her violin into future records to give the music scene a fresh spin. All in all, we’re very excited to see what LU comes out with next!



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