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Luch 1MA debut single "Losses"

"Losses" is the new single for Luch 1MA.

Luch 1MA is one of the finest newcomers of the label Finesse Foreva. The Croydon’s rapper managed to channel perfectly, all his life experiences and past situations, growing up in South London, to help him shape his music evolution, expressing himself with his very distinctive and unique melodic-rap sound.

1Ma is an acronym for 1 More Ahead, as in this music industry it is very important to always be ahead! “Losses" is his debut single and is addressing the issues of how it is important to always strive to reach the top, overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles in life.

Luch 1MA told us:

“Finesse Foreva put me in the studio with producer JBMADEIT during the latter part of the pandemic which at the time made Losses a piece of musical art dedicated to addressing the topic of trials and tribulations relating to that time. Throughout the song I express myself through a hybrid of melodies & rap, whilst describing to listeners some of the obstacles I overcame & how it only made me hungrier to strive for the top”.


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