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M Huncho is the king of UK Wave Music, yes I said it

The tag team of M Huncho and Nafe Smallz in the UK Wave Music genre is undefeated, especially when quincey is involved. Broken Home, TNT, Like a Film, all of those tracks are flames.

If Utopia showed us anything, it's how far M huncho is able to push the limits of the genre, and even on this fun track, its no different. Utopia is a tape that is horrifically slept on and if you haven't heard it, make that your goal for the evening. The concept is well mapped out and it doesn't lose focus. Nafe Smallz has had some brilliant vocal performances across his projects and "Good Love" shows a variety in singing patterns, rap flows, vocal ranges and subject matter. Huncho and Nafe smallz are artists, not just some guys who rap with auto-tune.

From the visuals to the instrumental, the whole package is just so intricately put together. The track is just fun, you can tell they had fun making, filming it, recording it and writing it. Huncho's hook is ever so cheeky and Nafe Smallz' vocals are clean despite his lyrics being the exact opposite. Definitely a good sing along and after the first listen you'll have this on repeat for hours, and you'll have the lyrics memorized in no time.


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