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M Huncho is the "Leader of the Tribe" that is melodic UK Rap

M Huncho is almost impossible to put in a box, He's a UK Rapper, and is king of the melodic rapping trend that is popular in UK Rap, but his content is often as graphic as UK Drill, and has the same aesthetic with his unique mask. He really is the "Leader of the Tribe"

Releasing on his own channel, this track functions more like a freestyle, with visuals directed by Suave displaying his unique flow on a beat that's almost haunting. However, with quotables such as "44 long like a tree, 44 trees no leaves" and the whole 16 bar after makes it impossible for you not to sing-a-long after a couple listens.

In scene of D Block Europe, Nafe Smallz, Kilo Jugg, Shaqy Dread, D'One and many more, M Huncho is Leader of the Tribe as his artistic capabilities is unmatched, and the massively Underrated album "Utopia" is proof that. That may warrant an entire video to explain that point, but twitter might not be ready for that conversation.


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