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m1llionz continues to excite in new `drill garage` song - b1llionz

genuinely one of the UK's most unique, rising artists returns with a new song - b1llionz to cement his place as one of the UK's best. a crazy and almost impossible feat that M1llionz has made look effortless in less than a year.

B1llionz has m1llionz trying out a new sounding style, with a beat paying homage to UK garage and a singing sample by a british singer mahalia. produced by bkay, and coined "drill garage" in a short video of this beat he posted on twitter. both bkay and m1llionz have experimented with the drill sound we are so used to and created something very unique and exciting for the future of UK music.

the video to this song has m1llionz rapping in countless locations; from a cafe, castle, interview rooms and grow house. all locations reflect different aspects of m1llionz lifestyle and how they constantly change.

the brum town rapper raps, not only with his rare "m1llionz flow" but with the distinctive accent and lingo only a birmingham native could have. all of these result in a experimental tune only m1llionz and a few could deliver on. this song /title is centered around the lyric "Make my first mil by 2021 and i'll change my name to B1llionz" in which m1llionz is certain that his claim to fame and riches will keep skyrocketing with no ceiling. with millions of streams and views he's definitely on track. lyrics such as "is it just me or is there a knock at the door?" remind us of the paranoia linked with such a risky lifestyle.

from m1llionz, B1llionz and potentially tr1llionz, this birmingham rapper can only get exponentially better.


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