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M1llionz is proving to become the next star of uk drill with BX19

m1llionz is proving to be one of the uk's best new talents. The North West Birmingham Rapper has been delivering quality singles from "north west" "no cap and my personal favourite "hdc"

"bx19" produced by frosty "who is also having a hell of a run" come together perfectly. with m1illionz having one of the best and smoothest flows in the game right now, flowing like water of the bouncy instrumental.

even from the intro, the Birmingham rapper mixes coded punchlines with a monotone delivery that helps his style stand out.

"Broad day occasion, Ribena on pavements I like it how you do it so blatantly"

his use of internal rhymes schemes makes his delivery smooth on the ears, but he still adds great charisma that have you repeating his bars and lingo.

because his flow is so unique, millionz beat selection seem to cater to his off beat rhyme patterns. add on with his accent but these characteristics are helping him shape his sound which is most impressive.

coming off his standout verse on "one of the standout bangers of the year" Meekz "year of the real" this is an excellent follow up and if this run carries on, 2020 could see the uk drill mvp award go straight to North West Brum.


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