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Marc Jones is flying high with Drill track " Evel Knievel"

following up from "No Gravity", Marc Jones drops UK Drill track "Evel Knievel" flying the flag for Croydon.

fear of risk has no place in drill and this is fact that Marc Jones embraces, basing the song on famous stunt man Evel Knievel. With clean delivery and some punchlines sprinkled, you're sucked into the idea of the track very quickly with how its written. "Slow replies i'm fasting" is just one example of how his pen game jumps out at you.

Our very own Rp9 alongside Saintbeats come up with a unique melody for this drill beat with the vocal chops and horn sounding synths.

The Visuals shot by Will Chamberlin abd directed by Harrison Cosstickbrings the whole thing home with the shots of the roulette table, the stunt bikes and the huge wolf that he's calmly sitting next to in the studio space.

Marc Jones is definitely one to watch, and as always its Cr0 to the world and back.


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