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Master Peace shows no loyalty to energy genre, and it's the best decision he could make

Master peace has gone from grime, to Soundcloud Rap, indie rock, punk, garage, ska and now Pop rock with "PNE". You really can't keep a good man down.

I think the main asset Master peace has and uses well is how flexible is voice is. It can be aggressive and loud like on his grime and rap tracks, but it can also be smooth and fun like on this track. The classic ballad of one night stand that you never want to end, a tried and tested formula that master peace performs well. The electric guitar riffs put together on the hook by George Reid give the whole track an uplifting feel to it, which Master Peace channels so well thanks to his good song writing.

Master Peace is an artist who makes whatever he feels like whenever he feels like, and if you don't like this, you definitely find something in his discography that you like. Check out our last review on his song called "Regular Feelings" below


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