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M Dargg follows through on new banger ‘Bussdown’

M Dargg’s return this summer has been a surprising but welcome left turn in a crazy year. 150 have been consistent this year but the ‘Look Like You’ hit maker has been unusually silent up until Bounty Killer dropped last month.

Bussdown shows us that Bounty Killer was no fluke. It’s an undeniable banger with very current and modern drill production, demonic bars and catchy flows. There’s not a lot of rappers that can match Dargg’s pure presence on the track, and this song shows us he hasn’t missed a step in his absence. Every ‘Dududu’ still bangs.

The Jony Beats production is clean, moody and dark, and sure to have your head bobbing throughout. The ethereal pads, epic and energetic synths perfectly complement the persistent hi-hats and chest-thumping bassline.

This one’s on repeat for me but if you want to hear it for yourself, and you can stream the video below.


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