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Meekz takes a moment to reflect on Like Me

‘Like Me’, ‘Like That’ and ‘Like This’ have to be some of the most overused phrases in rap, second only to ‘Intro’ and ‘Freestyle. But military minded Meekz is going to have to be forgiven because as usual, he’s managed to make something new, different, yet feels like it should have been around the whole time. 

By now, we’re familiar with Meekz’s thick, unforgiving Manchester accent. And rapping with a typically hypnotic rap flow, he takes a moment to appreciate how far he’s come since he’s blown up in the past year. 

One on hand he seems surprised that rap is actually working - saying that he ‘can’t believe they’re making Meekz type beats’, a pretty solid indication that you’ve made it. On the other hand he doesn’t doubt it, he reminds us that it’s his unique style and powerful lyrics that got him where he is now. 

Mika Beats provides the slowed down, haunting beat. The bass and the hard drum patterns make the beat bang off harder than it should given its simplicity. 

This is another solid single from Manny Meekz from the newly released Can’t Stop Won’t Stop project. You can watch the video for it above.


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