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Meet Debe, a man truly at one with the UK Rap Underground

The UK rap Underground have been playing with interesting sounds and rugged vocals lately, and Debe shines doing exactly that. This Northampton rapper benefits from playing fast and loose with genres.

The Life of Reilly EP from Debe on the Finesse Foreva UK Music Blog
EP Artwork

"The Life of reilly" is introduction, so that you understand his character, identity as an artist, and his completely disregard for musical tradition. his connection to the UK rap underground scene is probably due to his history as a graffiti artist, which has always been a part of UK underground "urban" culture. His love for graffiti was how he got his name.

Debe embraces the grime element with his aggressive yet well crafted bars and flows, alongside his anti-establishment stance. "Nuffin Long" and "Enough" are good examples of this point, with the dubstep influenced instrumental on "Nuffin Long" is a medium to vent his frustration. Lyrics such as "tell HMRC to suck my dick" or "Man are blessed but not baptized" highlight both of these, but due to the bpm of the instrumental, he creates this erratic flow to suit the energy the track gives.

On the other hand, tracks such as Comatose are closer to the lo-fi rap trends that are bursting into the underground recently. However the topic is bit more depressing than the sub-genre is known for. The second verse turns the mood of the track from the sluggish rap flow in the first verse. Its almost like the first verse illustrates how tired of life he is, and in the second verse his confidence and determination brings him to life.

The production from Earbuds, Nick French, Sammy Bryne & Baga brings the wild element of Debe out for everyone to enjoy. As the king kong inspired album cover suggests, Debe is a wild beast who can't be contained inside the confines of one genre, and a result, works with producers that allow him to articulate himself.

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