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Uk Grime revolutionary M.I.C finally drops "Witchclart"

If you dare say Grime is dead, this man will box your spliff out your hand. Witchclart is a warning to all those who attempt to harm those M.I.C loves most in the world, take heed, Duskrunner Season is coming.

M.I.C aka Micantifa has been leading a sort of revolutionary inside of grime, taking the aggressive energies that grime has always had, and finding nuanced ways of channeling resulting in the progressive grime music he puts out.

PK Brako also embraces this idea, whilst the bpm and certain sounds would be very familiar for grime fans and the violin strings aren't anything unusual either. However, the late 80's style synth melody certainly throws you off.

The one line flow is a staple in GRime and M.I.C takes this and use it to hurl as much abuse as he possibly can, but it's delivered in such a way that it's impossible to not sing along. So if you find yourself screaming "If you get a terminal illness I'll pull out the IV drip" whilst waving gun fingers in the air, that's probably why.


This was released as part of an E.P. along with the instrumental, and another track called "Night raid" which is a conceptual track produced and performed by M.I.C about insomnia and the importance of good sleeping habits and healthy relationships. It may sound random, but with a little focus you will quickly see it that it is anything but. Look out for Duskrunner his debut album coming soon but in the mean time, stream all three here.


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