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Midas the Jagaban really did something special with "Come we bill eh"

This Afrobeat banger "Come We Bill Eh" from independent artist Midas The Jagaban (Awesome name by the way) is so unique in a way that isn't immediately obvious, let me explain.

Thanks to some innovative production from Fizzy beats, Midas The Jagaban juxtaposes the theme of the song "billing a spliff" with the more pure afrobeats atmosphere Fizzy Beats creates. Along with the visuals which look more like a UK Drill track than anything else, you have a huge amount of wonderful artistic contradictions which result in this song. Putting all of these themes together in such a way results in a infectious beats banger that you just can't get out of your head.

Midas already has another song in the works being produced by AJ Productions which he previewed on his snapchat recently, and it's very exciting to see what else is coming down the pipeline.


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