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Miraa May and WSTRN’s Haile team up for Summer vibe ‘Say Yeah’

We’re ten toes deep into the summer this year and that can only mean one thing - more afrobeats on the playlist. Miraa May, AKA MIZZYKAGE, seems to have sensed this herself and naturally, she branched out from R&B and lended her voice to some African rhythms instead.

With a watery, chorused guitar melody, deceptively simple drum patterns and a powerful bass, provided by Rxwntree and Joe Reeves, Miraa drops some soothing harmonies all over the song.

The beat is nice but not the only highlight of the song - the melodies are clearly at the forefront, and when it comes to this vibe, Haile of WSTRN needs to have his name in the conversation. He's shown time and time again that he can carry a song without Louis or Akelle to drop a verse, and he definitely doesn’t disappoint here.

stream that below.


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