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Miraa May drops a garage throwback on 'angles'

Garage is one of those vibes that will just never die – you think you’ve heard every twist or remix until it pops back up with a dancey, headbobbing groove.

Miraa May is an up and coming singer who is consistently keeping the UKG flame burning in her latest few singles by infusing it with her sleek R&B vibes. It’s a tried and tested formula we’ve seen from icons like Craig David, Ms. Dynamite as well as newer songs from Jorja Smith. Miraa May is a new voice though and she perfectly fills that niche that’s only UK R&B can offer.

Angles is a laidback song, but the slow, relaxing chords keep you locked in, complimenting the uptempo drums perfectly. It’s a meditative instrumental that would fit in a DJ set just as much as it would a chill Sunday night.

Miraa’s voice is smooth and just as hypnotising, and her lyrics on a closer listen come with a positive and uplifting message, warning against following trends and people always “doing things for the ‘gram”, when real life is right in front of you. It’s a refreshing message that fits into a deceptively catchy hook.

The one and only Boy Better Know CEO Jme shows up a feature in the song and he balances out the song with a laidback feature that even finds him throwing out a little melody. His feature is brief but adds a lot to the tune, and even it would’ve been welcome anyway, this isn’t the tune for that old school “Don’t Get Rude” energy.

The video for the tune also deserves a mention. It’s directed by legendary grime scene camera man Risky Roadz and while it’s consistent with his authentic, low budget style, he steps out of his comfort zone. Compared to videos like Skepta’s’ It Ain’t Safe, this video is fun, humorous and light-hearted, giving the tune a perfect backdrop that I’d recommend giving a watch.


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