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Miss La Familia shows the world that she is not the one to mess with in her "Lightwork Freestyle"

Throughout the past 18 Months the females in the industry have been killing it, the likes of Lavida Loca, Shaybo, Ivorian Doll Teezandos and Miss La Familia have all been producing consistent hits and have paved the way for other female artists to start their journey in music.

La Familia especially has caught my eye, the Birmingham artist portrays herself as a big boss and shows her dominance in every bar she spits and the way she presents herself in her visuals too. One thing I really like about La Familia is her versatility, she has a great singing voice which is very soothing (she showcased this in her “Dead Wrong Freestyle”) and I feel as if she has the commercial sound in the bag. It is only a matter of time before she has “the hit”.

In her most recent freestyle - A Lightwork on Pressplay Media, La Familia takes no prisoners as she shells down the drill beat produced by Creatxr Beats. Throughout the freestyle she consistently uses skippy flows and smart wordplay to fire shots at some people and let them know that she is not the one. This boss mentality is presented to us throughout the freestyle from start to finish as she sends direct shots, is mimicking dances and certain flows and a couple ad-libs. Overall, this was a solid freestyle from Miss La Familia and will definitely be in the top 5 of my “Drill Foreva Playlist


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