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Mystery trap rapper Kilo Jugg drops heat with “5 On Me”

Kilo Jugg is an up and coming name in the scene and with his latest release he shows us that he’s one to look out for. You may have heard the name or heard about the hype, but if you’ve seen the latest masked UK rapper you may have only more questions. Every drill rapper and their mum seems to have come out with a mask ranging from straight balaclavas to Deadpool styled ones but Kilo’s mask makes him look like something straight out of Bikini Bottom.

Don’t let the looks deceive you though. Kilo’s style may be wavy but it’s definitely nothing to be laughed at.

5 On Me eases you in with a chill, laidback but well produced piano loop. The producer appears to be Cage Beats, and the choice in production gives you a look into what you’re getting with this song. Cage has credits with other rappers established in Kilo’s lane like M Huncho and lean lovers D-Block Europe. It’s a melodic style that reminds you of drill but not the current brand of masked trappers – instead this style is more for fans of Chicago drillers like Lil Durk and some old school Chief Keef.

Kilo is absolutely at home on this beat – it’s a banger of a beat and his melodic lyrics weave in and out of the pockets smoothly, making for an intoxicating match.

Lyrically Kilo gives you an insight into his life as he paints a picture of himself sitting in the car, “riding shotty with 6 nines on me”. The 6ix9ine reference is clever and despite making a direct nod to the racketeering charges 6ix9ine and his manager Shotti were caught for, it makes for a good bar and a great singalong hook.

Just like Lil Durk’s brand of melodic drill, 5 on Me is deceptively catchy. It’s not some run of the mill afro swing love song – Kilo shows you exactly why the Jugg is in his name and sings about the dark side of it. He sings about dancing with the devil, being stuck in his life of crime, and some vivid lines like "I used to trap by the pond, that’s me, the cats and the swans”.

The tune is definitely worth an add to your playlists and the video matches the vibe, with Kilo riding around smoking in that Squidward mask.

i'd check it out, as kilo looks like he's going to be around for a while.


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