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Nas proves he still has it as he creates this years most ambitious crossover

Already a goat in rap and debatably one of the best ever - Nas has managed to stay relevant and flexible in this ever changing rap changing scene. For spicy he brings in New York's newer rapper's and equips their new style's for this exciting song. This crossover has 3 rapper's well known for pioneering different sound's, and on this modern drill/trap sound all rapper's flow effortlessly on it.

Produced by hit boy (another pioneer in the music scene) the beat sounds energetic and bouncy which brings out the best out of all rappers. Nas' flow and lyricism are 10/10 as he raps about his boss lifestyle with braggadocious lyrics such as "Wear a mink at the roller rink middle of the Summer". Throughout the song Nas continues to make claims such as these that prove he can do as he wishes due to his wealth and fame. Fivio foreign and a$ap ferg are perfect features on the song too as fivio foreign brings his gritty drill flow/voice to make the song harder, while asap cements his place as one of new York's best with his trademark flow and content.

After releasing one of his last albums, Nas continues to have fun with his music and bring multiple styles and influences into his music. With a music video that's just as thrilling as the song, Nas' "spicy" is the hit he needed to stay relevant in this ever changing music scene.


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