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NGMC3 gives us a grime line up that is GREAZE, because NOTTINGHAM IS GREAZE

Nottingham grime is an unstoppable force, and the line up assembled by Vandull gives us a grungy grime track with the dubstep vibes of the instrumental. Double S, Window K, Jayeye and Shxdow displays a huge amount of talent.

This is the third installment of the series where Vandull stacks a line up of the best nottingham has to offer on his trademark dubstep-grime sound, which has been locking off raves in america. Vandull's hook exemplifies the vocals fits so well with his new sound, which has developed since he was known as youthoracle.

S Double comes with a solid opening verse from a veteran Notts MC, but here's what the thing is, Greg never fails to make me chuckle. Quite frankly, Greg is hilarious, and his fun personality doesn't overshadow his lyrical ability. The rhyming scheme he comes out with is pulled off so effortlessly almost goes unnoticed because by the end of the 8 bar you're in stitches.

Jayeye really has been a ghost for a while, apart from a few radio set appearances, he's been awfully quiet over the last year. Despite that, Jayeye is as good as ever with flows that few could replicate.

Shxdow, the blxck genie himself, comes as track MVP with his darkside grime style fitting perfectly with the instrumental produced by Major Oak. Shxdow has a murderous vibe that would make another collaboration between a Shxdow and Vandull a good idea for the future. His work as the co-creator of Rosko Records shouldn't go unnoticed and neither should his large discography.


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