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Nines reaches no.1 in the uk top chart with "Crabs in a bucket"

On the 28th of August Nines released his astonishing new album ‘crabs in a bucket’. Within the first week of the album launch ‘crabs in a bucket’ has already reached no.1 in the official UK top charts. He has overtaken Katy Perry and many other global superstars, a well deserved merit for Nines.

This is Nines' first leading album. It’s been two years since the release of his last project ‘crop circle’ which arrived at no.5 in the UK top charts.

Tracklist Breakdown:

Nines discusses his hardships and discloses his personal experiences throughout his album. He shares the sacrifices of his journey and opens up to the audience in ‘Intro’.

“Ibiza, I had the time of my life, came home and found out my dad had cancer / could have cried all night.” 

He released ‘Clout’ beforehand as a teaser of the album. Additionally, ‘Aeroplane Mode ft NSG‘ features on the album. This single was released before the album launched, giving his fans an insight into his project.

‘Energy’, ‘Flavours’,‘Realist’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Flex’ illustrate deeper matters in a more serious tone. Whereas ‘Don’t Change’, ‘Stalker Interlude’ and ‘Ringaling’ portray appreciation and dilemmas of balancing girls within his lifestyle.

"Movie Knights", "All Stars", "Lights" and "Money aint a thing" demonstrate the luxe style of living and the circumstances that accompany it.

"NIC" narrates his battle in life as an adolescent.

Concluding with the ‘Outro’ confessing his risk in freedom. The life of a trapper and a rapper.

"Man's really some crabs in a bucket out here, man

You seen my movie, that's the watered down version

Like, it's way worse"

Furthermore, Nines didn't just release an album, but alongside he also produced a short film. This short film acts as an annotation for snippets of the songs. It also breaks down each track further.

As a concept ‘crabs in a bucket’ theory is commonly referred to “if I can't have it neither can you”. In the short film Nines illustrates that “Where I'm from everyone’s crabs in a bucket, basically dragging me back.” His fight for territory is ongoing.


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