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Nolay joins the grime war report for her wiley diss "godmother"

when people say grime has become a royal rumble, they were not lying.

fan's were just getting over wiley battling stormzy, now a new war has been declared.

nolay and wiley got into a back and forth on twitter after the godfather gave his two cents on the drama between zeze mils and nolay. with wiley taking the side of the controversial uk personality.

if you know nolay, she wouldn't take this lying down and put pen to paper and she delivered "godmother"

the instrumental produced by Act Natural Beats samples the iconic theme from the hit bbc programme "the apprentice" building up anticipation for the south London spitter.

from the beginning, delivering some warm up shots, nothing too dangerous. but when the track hits 1 minute and 30 seconds, nolay hits a different gear.

taking wiley's famous "it's wiley and i'm getting them hyper" scheme and flipping it on its head perfectly. the energy changes and now nolay shows off her flow switches and drops a solid haymarker.

"how come you ain't put on cadell when you claim you put on everybody else"

cadell being wiley's half brother who is also a grime artist.

going towards the end, we see nolay again flip another of wiley's verses. this time from his number 1 single "heatwave"

the original being

"I wanna see a ice-cream van on the road I wanna see a light skin gyal on the road I wanna get a slush puppy with both flavours Drink that now I'm right back in my zone"

then with a near pitch perfect flip, nolay spits

"you wanna see a lightskin girl on the road but there ain't one light skin or black girl in that video"

if i had one major criticism with godmother, it would be that it takes a little bit too long to get really going.

the bars at the beginning are a nice build up. but when nolay finally kicks in that wiley flow, thats when i start giving that screw face. before it gave me the feels of another warm up dub waiting for a reply.

it is very rare in grime for male mc's to battle female mc's but regardless of gender, a replay should come from wiley. i doubt it because wiley will be wiley.

still i do feel if she kept up that same intensity from 1 minute 30 seconds on the whole track, it would of been a mazza because she does prove why one of the uk most dangerous mc's.

war nolay is always the best nolay so be warned, you could be next.


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