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North West rapper Park Hill hits us with his latest drop on ‘Dingerz’

Up and coming trap rapper Park Hill has been on the grind this year, actively dropping tunes and quietly working on features with the likes of M Huncho, Lil Durk and Yung Fume. He’s keeping the grind going with his newest song, ‘Dingerz’, building up hype for his debut mixtape Homecoming.

Dingerz is one of his best songs so far – on the tune, Park Hill paints a dark picture of his street life. Don’t let the reference to “dingers” fool you – Park uses it as an image to tie the song together but his storytelling on the tune is a lot deeper than a first listen. The second verse, where the flow gets more intense is where things really start to take off, showing his potential to really separate himself from artists he shares a lane with, like his collaborators M Huncho and Yung Fume. Park Hill’s music is wavy but it’s more dark and anxious, as Park sings about ducking jakes and close ones that he used to trust but can’t anymore.

The beat is cold, focusing on a bright piano loop to support Park’s flow and imagery. It’s well produced and the loop will draw you in from start to finish. Park gave us some insight into the background behind Dingerz, saying: ““Dingerz is inspired by period of my life I got kicked out of college at the beginning of the year. Being young and not wanting to disappoint my grandmother, I got up every morning like I was going to college - but really I found myself falling deeper into the street life. Things took a turn because where we were on benefits at the time, my travel to college was assisted. This meant my grandma would pay for the ticket for the month and get reimbursed. When the reimbursements stopped coming she went to college and found out about what was going on.

You can watch the video for Dingerz below while we wait on Park’s first tape Homecoming to drop this month.


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