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NSG & Unknown T Drop Long-Awaited Banger - Kate Winslet and NSG’s Journey So Far

The ‘Area Boyz’ from Hackney - NSG have finally delivered their long-awaited collaboration entitled ‘Kate Winslet’, with Homerton B rapper Unknown T, produced by 4PLAY.

Ever since a video was released of NSG in the studio with Unknown T, fans have been eager to hear what they have in store. The anticipation was heightened even more when the members of the group posted TikTok videos of them dancing to a snippet of the song, as well as some behind the scenes footage of the music video. Fans quickly picked out quotable lyrics such as “I like my crumble with some custard”, “Still on the strip with my singlet” and of course “Drop a man like Kate Winslet”.

NSG is known for their creative and distinctive music video montages and editing. The visuals for ‘Kate Winslet’ directed by Kevin Hudson did not fall short of this. The group paid homage to their hometown, Hackney, as per usual with scenes showing the blocks of East London as well as beautiful sights of Ghana from where some of the members originate from.

The East London group has had a successful year thus far with their album “Roots” dropping this summer and hits such as ‘Airplane mode’, ‘Lupita’ and ‘MCM’ taking the music charts by storm. It is safe to say that NSG have reached greater heights in their career with their undisputable work rate. ‘Kate Winslet’ is another great addition to their catalogue of bangers this year.

NSG have created a unique lane for themselves, with their unmatched fusion of Afropop, Afro-swing, UK rap, and everything in between. One could even argue that they are the key pioneers of the Afro-swing sound in the UK looking at from when they first broke into the industry in 2013 with their ‘Whine & Cotch’ Afrobeats remix, to 'SNEH', their breakthrough hit ‘Yo Darlin’, 'OT Bop' and now ‘ROOTS’ their 2020 album. They have been an influential force to reckon with in the UK music scene.

It is only up from here for our favourite Area Boyz.


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