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P from Lee drop UK Drill track "Flavours"

P from lee is one of the most underated talents in the UK Trap Rap scene , and now he's bringing his unique flow to UK Drill with "FLavours"

P From Lee has always had a unique flow from tracks such as "I Was Like", "Hash Butter" and "Dnt Slip Dnt Slide" but those were on trap style beats. however its very intersting to see how adaptable this unique flow can be on the Drill beat for"flavours" produced by Rag0.

repping lewisham hard with plenty of reference s to blue bandanas and blue rizzla, P from lee 's jumpy flow really stands out from the crowd with punchlines suchas:

got box Ps but not cheese thats quavers

Make sure you keep streaming "flavours" out now on all platforms here:


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