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PA Salieu calls out the liars on sure to blow banger “Dem A Lie”

PA Salieu isn’t a big name in rap yet but on his latest tune ‘Dem A Lie’, he shows some serious firing potential.

PA’s style is definitely a product of the current scene – you can hear clear traces of influences from rappers like J Hus but thankfully, Dem A Lie shows him to be far from a copycat. The song brings a unique flair that makes for a fire tune.

The song is short, clocking in at only 2 and a half minutes but PA makes a strong impact and doesn’t overstay his welcome – even though most of the song is actually quite understated. PA’s verses are calmly delivered but his intentions are made very clear through the lyrics. The hook on the song perfectly illustrates this – it’s a simple couple of bars but the delivery is laidback and unique. And when he pitches his voice down as he delivers chilling bars like “you’re not B-A-D, I see you fooling them, you ain’t fooling me” he manages to deliver a dark mood without much excessive hype.

It’s the second verse where the PA turns up the energy in his lyrics. His flow gets more hyped and his lyrics get harder, matching the beat as it starts to get more complex and more active. The beat is just a simple synth, pianos and some hard hitting drums but it’s a unique combination that stands out from the usual onslaught of drill and afrobeats production you might expect from PA.

One production decision that has to be mentioned is the G-funk synth that drops when the hook kicks in, taking the tune out of London and dropping it in Compton for a couple bars. You might recognize the sound from an old school Dr. Dre track – but this is a sound that is never really added to UK production due to its obvious Californian roots. And despite the dark, off kilter beat on Dem A Lie, it’s a risk that pays off. It ties the tune together and gives it the finishes touches to separate it from other songs and make it a real banger.

I think this song deserves to take off – it’s a well produced, original song that would bang in the car or in a gym playlist. The video is equally well produced and matches the vibe of the song with PA driving round in a bright red Benz with the top down, further capturing the California vibe in the song. It’s definitely a good video with a good budget, and worth watching.


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