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Pa Salieu drops "Block Boy" before his highly anticipated debut Mixtape

Pa Salieu has had a great run with tracks such as "Frontline", "MY Family" and "Betty" . The Gambian Coventry based rapper has a genre merging sound and unique voice that fans are becoming addicted to, and "Block boy" is only going to make that addiction worse.

Pa Salieu released the video of his latest single "Block Boy". The single is part of his upcoming mixtape " Send Them to Coventry" which will be released on November 13th.

Boasting a dancehall-inspired production and Pa's cheeky, unfiltered style, the track serves as a quick follow-up to "My Family "and "B *** K " released later this year. The visual directed by Nos sees Pa sharing his infectious energy, partying i n a crowded nightclub.


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