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Pete and Bas' brilliant lightwork freestyle shows they are not a novelty act anymore

pete and bas are arguably the most unique act in UK music right now.

Release after releases, these guys are surpassing expectations while still being authentic.

I always look forward to anything new dropping from the duo. So I was more than excited for their lightwork freestyle on press play and they smashed it. if your new to the duo you wouldn't think these two pensioners could shell a riddim.

Forgot about who writes the bars, from a performance stand point. These guys are elite level. The flow and clarity from both of them ,puts many artist to shame.

Punchlines and tight flow patterns that proves to doubters these guy's could bodied your favourite rapper on a guest verse.

pete can paint some vivid images with his lyrics that brings a different level of storytelling, as with bas i fully believe he's got a million flows. alwats performed at a high level and are aurthenticto him.

kuurtesy a fcking banger, menacing and hard hitting. Giving the duo a perfect canvas to work with. nineoneshots also provide a brilliant mix, and one of the best I've heard this year.

Top 5 lightwork freestyle for me this year. Check it out.


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