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Pop smoke's Welcome to the party got the Skepta treatment

Without a doubt, Pop Smoke’s rise to fame has flourished rapidly. A new rapper from Brooklyn, New York, has experienced ongoing prominence in such a short measure of time. 

The single; “Welcome to the party” has been an acknowledgement of Pop smoke’s talent and has Increased his following. His distinctive voice and deep tone generates an instant vibe. Similarly, a hype is created when ‘Giggs’ or ‘Abra Cadabra’ rap on a drill beat. This is the same effect Pop Smoke has with his voice. The intensity and vividness of their voices attracts attention and contributes to their songs becoming hits.

Pop Smoke rapped on a UK drill beat, produced by ‘808 Melo’. ‘808 Melo’ is well known for producing Headie One’s “Know better” and many other drill songs. He has also produced beats for Chigago’s drill stars; ‘Shef G’ and ‘22 G’. 

“Welcome to the party” was released in April 2019 but didn’t gain much publicity in the beginning. It was only in the summertime it started gaining more views and people started to become mindful of the single. By July 2019 the hit went viral and transformed in to a summer anthem. 

A teaser of the Nicki Minaj remix was sampled at Pop Smoke’s release party. People were eager to hear this remix. A snippet of Nicki Minaj’s verse was leaked. Although, this managed to transformed in to a great marketing strategy. Pop Smoke grew more fame as people were curious who’s track Nicki was remixing on. On the 16th of August the official remix was released.

Other features and remixes have been created. whether these will be released as actual singles or kept as youtube videos, is one thing I am unsure of. Dave East, Skepta, Rico Nasty and Meek Mill have taken their shot at the “welcome to the party” remix. Although, Nicki has set the bar high for these rappers. ‘Welcome the the party’ has managed to burst out of New York city and become global. Tim Westwood has also released the ‘Honey party’ on his youtube channel, which is Russ’  ‘welcome to the party remix’.

Personally, I believe nothing will surpass the original single. Nicki Minaj’s remix will still be most favored by me.


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