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Poundz drops new sweet track called Honey

honeyThe drill MC Poundz drops another one of his catchy bangers entitled Honey (Kentucky). Poundz never fails to bring mad flows to his tracks and a cold hook, which he does exactly on this tune right here. He switches his flow on the second verse which is the best part in the song.

The Traphouse Mob member HL8 is the producer for this one here, someone who never fails to come with a greazy beat. As soon as the song starts you hear that guitar-like melody, and throughout the song you can also here them hard hitting 808’s.

Poundz first burst onto scene when he had his beef with S1 back in 2018 where he dropped tracks such as Who’s Laughing, Lions Den and The End. Then in late 2019, his song Opp Thot secured him a top 40 single in the charts for the first time. He kicked off 2020 with some crazy visuals for Smooth Criminal and has continued his work rate this month with another banger, Honey.

Check out the visuals for Honey right here:


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