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Poundz is back with another Dance craze

Poundz has actually had a great year, becoming a label mate with our very own S1 on Disturbing London, as well as getting into the +1 Million Views club not just once, twice in a year. With "Mourinho" and "Skengbop", Poundz is looking for the hat-trick with "opp Thot"

Of course, what all of those tracks have in common is that they are dance crazes, and quite frankly, Poundz has just become really good at pulling them off.

Many are likely to overlook the fact that this isn't just a formula he rinse and repeats, he actually has good flows and can put punchlines together well. I still remember his chocolate bar freestyles that went viral on instagram a few years back and that was my first introduction to him.

A further question to ask is, where did dance crazes come from, and how did they up in the UK Music scene? Those that think that such trends started with "Gun Lean" are blatantly under the age of 14.

It goes further back than "Lean and Bop", "rolex Sweep", "Migraine Skank" or even "crank that soulja", as much as this country is accustomed to black genres creating dance crazes, in terms of how it got to the UK the origin lies within Dancehall and Bashment.

the dancehall and bashment wave hit the UK just before the funky house era which is when the UK made dance crazes their own. For me personally, you can literally pin point this entire wave to elephant man. Tracks like "pon di River" and "Willie Bounce" are essential, I can even see similarities between "Nuh Linga" and Poundz' "Opp Thot".

There is actually on song before this which is extremely important which dropped in the 90's which contributes to this very story we're trying to tell, I wonder if you can guess it, tag us in a tweet when you do.

(Hint: it was the american rap dance craze as big as the dab ever was)


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