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Pressplay releases "The First Drill" UK Drill compilation mixtape (Full review)

Pressplay is one of the UK’s most successful online music video platforms showcasing the best of UK rap and drill. The channel almost has half a million subscribers, and new uploads regularly clock up six-figure view counts. Independent YouTube channels such as Pressplay, Link Up Tv, Mixtape Madness, SBTV, and GRM Daily have been clinical in the rise of UK rap and drill. These channels have been important because they have published freestyle and professional music videos, exposing new talent and coordinating exciting artist collaborations.

This month Pressplay reaches a new milestone with the release a 12-track drill compilation called, The First Drill which features some of the coldest MC’s in the game. The album features Zone 2, OFB, CGM, 410, Taze, Stickz, Jax, YCB, Fizzler and the Homerton Sensei himself V9. The compilation is also, perhaps expectedly, backed by 7 new music videos (as we have already had 5 music videos for No Promo, Sliding, Gemma, Slide Round and Unprovoked) which will be published online via Pressplay.

On the other hand the album also has a great lineup of producers to compliment the artists bars on the tracks. There are producers on this project such as Ghosty, Bkay, Gotcha, Sebz Beats, SJBeats, Bruskii Kay and ZCBeats. The artwork for the album cover is cold as well as it shows an Egyptian Pharaoh in its coffin holding a knife and a gun.


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