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PS (Zone 2) takes no prisoners with his debut 'Plugged In' Freestyle with Fumez

PS (Zone 2) for many is the G.O.A.T in UK Drill and from his talent you can see why with this Plugged In freestyle with Fumez.

While not releasing any solo project's, he's been one of the most technically gifted mcs our country has ever produced for years.

He was recently released from prison and dropped the record 'Bruce Willis' which got a solid reception from fan's.

But that wasn't gonna satisfy PS fans for long so his 'Plugged In' freestyle came at the perfect time.

First things first, It's extremely rude. Probably one of rudest additions in the platform's short but influential history.

Fumez even commented on how rude it was on his Twitter. But PS is such a engaging mc, he makes it work.

His flow and clarity are beyond his age and it's a shame it was censored but it doesn't take away how good the performance for me was.

It does make me wish he was able to drop a verse when 'No Censor' dropped last year. This verse would of fit perfectly.

Two critiques I've seen in the YouTube comments were it relies too much on shock factor and was too short.

PS has never been one to hold back in his lyrics but I think fans wanted something more in line with his 'Voice Of The Street's' freestyle with Kenny Allstar.

Which was more lyrically focused and had tremendous moments of wordplay, but with his 'Plugged In' you can see Preacher is having fun with it.

He looks more comfortable and is slowly figuring out his new style. The V.O.T.S freestyle, PS had something to prove and went that extra bit harder but you could see he was a bit rusty.

I will agree the performance was too short and was dying for another verse, especially after that sickening hook. But if a criticism was that fans wanted more then that's not a bad takeaway.

PS on his worse day is arguably better than 85% of the Drill scene, but fan's will want his next release to step it up a gear.

2021 could be the year Zone 2 can break that glass ceiling. With PS on the frontline. When he finds his stride, you better watch out.


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