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R.A from the roadside drops "last chance"

He came with some real Artillery on "Last Chance", and it is almost criminal how many do not know how long he's been in the game for.

R.a gives you crud talk, punchlines and aggression, that's what he does and he does it well. He uses all of that to tell you gritty hood stories that you would never doubt. His voice always sounds so menacing, which gives the stories he recalls so much more meaning.

R.A isn't just some rap dinosaur with one flow either, he's got plenty of tricks in the bag, and that shows in the second verse where he just spazzed.

Old grime fans will know how versatile RA can be, from his verse on "come 2 da roadside", his verse on "Monster Riddim", to the self entitled unearthed grime gem that is "Real ArtillerY"

Keep your eyes out for Jim Brown, i'm hoping that will be dropping this winter.


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