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Ramz celebrates the black queens with Underneath

Ramz has released his latest breathtaking single Underneath. The piece, a Capri production, is a splendid celebratory ode to black women - our dark skinned Queens - focusing on the love and pride of your own skin from a physical and mental point of view. The visual directed by Kirx Diaz shows us a Ramzy surrounded by beautiful women, who stand in all their elegant and glorious beauty, confirming the positive love for their body.

The single follows the usual style of Ramz, with a very easy and pleasant narrative and vocals, packed with various elements of hip hop, grime and uk drill.

In Rams words:

“This song is a celebration of dark skin girls. It's also about striving to be comfortable in your own skin and being proud of your own skin, in its most natural form. I really hope this song helps empower anyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, for whatever reason, right now.”

The young rapper from Mitcham in the last years has managed to accumulate around 3.3 million sales, 715 million streams and 100 million + Youtube views with his five singles. Among the most famous, the highly popular Barking which is renowned for being one of the most viewed videos on GRM Daily.


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