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Rebecca winter new single is selfish

Rebecca Winter just released her single Selfish, after her last year debut EP Rare, who catapulted the Afro-fusion artist into the UK spotlight, gaining the interest of many listeners.

Her style is a carefully mixed of R&B and Soul with Afrobeats, the artist was also one of the opening acts of some of Burna Boy’s African Giant Tour, and won the Best Female Artist at the "Legacy Awards 2019."

Originally from West London, from Nigerian descent, Rebecca started making music when she was 13 years old, but just recently she decided to dedicate herself solely to music, showcasing lots of achievements coming her way.

Selfish is a production by Sparbz, co-written with Efosaofficial, showing a sultry and addictive sound. The instrumental is simple and her vocal is staggering, with her soft tones mixing nicely with the regular drum sequence and the melodic chords.


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