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Reeko’s back on bully business on new track ‘Chosen One’

Reeko Squeeze – former Section Boyz member, drill pioneer and Mr Ring Ring himself has been silent for a while now. While he made his name for his early drill songs, his work rate and level of versatility, Reeko has stayed quiet after the sequel to his breakout tape ‘Child’s Play’ dropped earlier this year, but 'Child's play 2' is horrifically underrated too.

Child's Play 2 Out Now on all Platforms

I’ll go out on a limb and argue that Reeko rivals Headie in having one of the best project-for-project catalogues in drill so far (but that’s conversation for another day) and this week he’s finally taken the ringer off silent mode.

Chosen One is a gully song for sure – Reeko’s done a lot of work and can flow on any beat but this song takes him back to his comfort zone, giving us pure bars over the darkest Sykes production. The beat bangs and Reeko could never sound lost over this style. If you’re a fan of his ‘MeStyle’ series or the pure dirt that was ‘Mr.Rope’, this is a Reeko song for you.

Reeko is always full of quotables and this song doesn’t lack. Based of the title, you wouldn’t be guilty for thinking this song is a typical brag rap song with Reeko talking about himself as the chosen one - but you can think again – the catchy but violent hook calls out the opps as the real chosen ones.

His second verse on the song is the real highlight, where his flow gets intense and he makes his status in the game known. Mocking the rest of the drill scene, Reeko sons anyone in his lane and shows us that the work rate is never lacking.

The video is impressive as well and Reeko as usual makes an attempt to bring a higher standard and separate himself from the samey visuals you can expect from a lot of drill artists. You can catch the song below on GRM Daily.


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